eComm Products – Major Upgrade

Activ8 Cloud eCommerce products receive a major upgrade.

1. After hearing from our current eCommPLUS customers we have reinstituted the ability to base the initial sorting of products on a field defined in the Frame Configuration record. This means you have more control on how your customers see your products when they first see your catalog. Your customers will still have the ability to change the sort if they so desire.
2. The Cart Text Line defined in the inventory record will now display not only in the catalog but also on the detail page of each product. This is useful as a way to notify your customers of benefits to signing up before buying your products.
3. A Sign-In and Sign-Out feature directly in the Menu to allow an easier way for your customers to sign-in and sign-out of their account. These functions will be recognized on every page on your site. Ex. Account, Member Choice, and Checkout pages.
4. Smoother navigation and communication between the pages.
5. We have completed a detailed help guide to help you better understand and maintain your website.
6. In order to continue to offer proper persistence and stop requiring you to not cache your pages we have moved over to using cookies to store the information needed to give your customers a smoother buying experience.
7. The continue shopping button on the slide in cart will no longer redirect to the main shop page if you are currently on any of the catalog pages but will just rather hide and let you continue shopping.
8. The category pages will now display the description value entered into the heading record at the top of the page so your customers will easily see a description of the categories products that they are viewing.
9. The Load More button at the bottom of your products will no longer scroll to the bottom of the page when being click but will stay at the spot of the page so the user will not have to scroll back up to find where they left off.
10. The text displayed in the slide in cart is now editable in the frame configuration record.
11. All of these feature enhancements are in additional to the many enhancements to the checkout process that was rolled out on 4/18/2022.


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