Email Marketing Made Easy

Email is the number one way to sell more online. Yes, there are many email service providers that can help you do that for a price of course. Even though those email service providers help your winery or distillery get more business, they lack one very important aspect. They don’t give you data on your email campaigns except for the nominal tally of the count of each category in outbound, sent, failed, complaints, opens, clicks, unsubscribes and inbound.

Recently in conducting an email campaign analysis internally with Active, the CTO verified Active’s unique database system can track every link, click, and page the user clicks into the body of the email; even noting the actual device that is being used by the email recipient (iPhone, mac, pc, iPad, outlook).

With Active you can successfully execute email campaigns directly from your CRM without those email service provider integrations. Using Active for email marketing campaigns seemingly gives you the impression you have your finger on the pulse of your customers, your data, and your business all with Active’s mobile app system.

You don’t need to outsource APIs to Mail Chimp, Vertical Response, Constant Contact or any other email service provider any longer. Essentially you can save some money since you no longer need to outsource that marketing task; and you get real time data in seconds.

Active also automatically unsubscribes those who want to opt out. With any of the email service providers they do sequester those that wish to opt-out. Yet your business still must manually pay staff (labor costs) to officially update that “opt-out” action in the customer’s profile within your CRM. In Active the customer clicks “opt-out” and is taken to the formal unsubscribe screen where the customer finishes the task.

Imagine having a sales system that allows you the ability to segment your lists (email, club, pos, events, telesales), sort through a data bank of 18,000 data fields versus only 65 data points in most, gives you dashboards to monitor your progress, and much more. This aspect of Active allows you to react quickly and send another email to those that didn’t “open” just with a quick sort of your data. You can also send a direct segmented offer to those that clicked on the link to your website while viewing a specific wine or spirit from the email. It is just that easy with Active.

For more specifics now on Active and how Active’s All-In-One POS software sales system; and how to give your winery/distillery business a boost in efficiencies and an uptick on your bottom line (ROI), contact to request a demo.


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