Latest Improvements to Activ8

Activ8 Commerce released a new version of Activ8 that improves on the Inventory Management system. It now gives more control at the item level on items that were returned and items that were not returned on swaps and refunds.

Are you using the Customer Count feature on the Point of Sale? If not, we now provide you a way to utilize this same feature but for table numbers. These numbers will display in the New Order, Pending Orders, and Checkout screens to make it easier for your server to see which table the order is for.

We know how convenient it is to send items to the kitchen or bar for them to prepare, so we made it even better. It will now record the number of items that are sent to the printer and display them on the Send Item screen along with the first initial of the Printer that the item was last sent to. If you are having a problem with employees accidentally removing items after they were sent to be prepared, you can now set the Point of Sale to require a manager to login to delete these items or to resend them to the printer if the first ticket somehow was not received or prepared.

Finally, we have added a couple new views to Transaction that group orders that have been charged and then refunded. Swap orders can now be viewed as a packing list with only the remaining items that should be given to the customers or shipped to their homes.


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