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There are reasons to use 3rd party email companies like Mail Chimp, Constant Contact, Vertical Response and more. However, doesn’t every Retail Manager, Tasting Room Manager, Wine Club Administrator secretly wish to have all the bells and whistles in one complete program and user-friendly system?

As a manager, one outsources or uses those 3rd party entities because those partners clear out bounced or unsubscribes for you from your list, saving you some time. You still will have to manually unsubscribe those folks from your database though. Another compelling reason to enlist 3rd party email marketing companies is due, more than likely, to the fact that the POS platform you are using is unable to process and track that type of data which requires another technology platform or a 3rd party outsourcing.

When using Mail Chimp, or any one of the choices that exist, what you cannot “see” in the back of the house is what did the user click on, and, where else did they visit on your website or social media links. The other disadvantage when using a 3rd party system is that none of the customer information is being captured to continue building the customer profile.

When Active is on board at your winery or distillery you can actually “see” where the customers, who click beyond just opening, are clicking on your website, email links, and video attachments. In fact, Active can help you segment and sort your customers based on preferences, which in turn allow you a follow up “reason” with those customers who clicked. Next you automate a specialized message or enticement, in the format or communication method they prefer, to give them a special price or offering, that matches their interest on the places they clicked or where they searched on your site or social media links.

With Active there is no need to rely on 3rd party marketing companies. Some Active clients are comfortable to the 3rd party email marketing firms so Active does integrate and partner with many for the sake of convenience to the clients. Yet, once most clients have used Active for a longer period, they realize they don’t need to have both and move to relying on doing all their email marketing in the Active system. To view more insight on how Active can help your email campaigns succeed, and to continue to build your customer profiles, then check out the 12-minute video on Email Campaign Analysis.

Certainly, Active will be at Unified Grape & Wine Symposium in January of 2019 at Booth #519, but you don’t need to wait to find out more about how Active can simplify your life.

For more specifics now on Active and how Active’s All-In-One POS software sales system; and how to give your winery/distillery business a boost in efficiencies and an uptick on your bottom line (ROI), contact to request a demo.

About Activ8 Commerce:

Activ8 Commerce, Inc. is a leading provider of DTC sales solutions (Mobile Winery POS, club software, ecommerce, website design). Our mission is to provide a single and comprehensive sales system for firms selling direct to the consumer. Activ8 Commerce has been providing DTC sales solutions to wineries, distilleries, and wine stores that seek to elevate sales and maximize service. Today the company has an entire suite of sales tools all in one single database. Activ8 Commerce’ commitment to developing and continually improving its sales software and service has made us a leading and well-respected partner and provider of direct sales software with a commitment to quality and customer success.

For more information, visit To Request a Demo email or call 1-877-441-2582 x. 52.


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