Secrets of Club Sign-Ups on Kiosk

Active has another new functionality in web tools introduced as “Club Sign-Ups.” Check out the video embedded in this article to and learn the secrets in 12 minutes, give or take, how and why this will work for your winery or distillery. There are several ways to think about club signups online or on a Kiosk platform.

The first example is the simplest, and, occurs with no complications. If a fan is interested in your wines or spirits and they happen to be shopping on-line they just click on the menu “club” or “club offerings”. They choose from the list of club offerings your winery or distillery offers then clicks to register by submitting billing information, shipping information, payment detail and then finally finishing with a final preview screen of the club selection made. Once the transaction is complete the Kiosk is ready for the next customer.

Another scenario is when a customer is a newsletter subscriber and they have already given your winery or distillery their email address. Once they have opted in and they decide to go online to join a club, the select the club choice, click submit and then are asked to register detail. But the database recognizes the email address and asks the customer to confirm if it is them, YES or NO. Since this example is a YES, the next step is to finish the registration with ship to/bill to detail and payment information.

A third example is when a sign-up or new account is being set-up but the email is already being used by another account already on file. This is usually a gifting of a club membership to another party. In this instance a new user name must be used rather than an existing email address; so that the new membership can be put into the “giftee’s” name. This allows a new registration of account so that the “giftee” can put in the name, address, email, date of birth, etc. and yet the club member can use their member card on file for payment.

Lastly, in the case where a user name has already been used to sign-up and create an account, Active’s system will flag the duplicate and not let one proceed. Until a new user name or email is used to set-up a new account for registration, the new sign-up applicant/customer cannot continue.

Certainly, Active will be at Unified Grape & Wine Symposium in January of 2019 at Booth #519, but you don’t need to wait to find out more about how Active can simplify your life.

For more specifics now on Active and how Active’s All-In-One POS software sales system; and how to give your winery/distillery business a boost in efficiencies and an uptick on your bottom line (ROI), contact to request a demo.

About Activ8 Commerce:

Activ8 Commerce, Inc. is a leading provider of DTC sales solutions (Mobile Winery POS, club software, ecommerce, website design). Our mission is to provide a single and comprehensive sales system for firms selling direct to the consumer. Activ8 Commerce has been providing DTC sales solutions to wineries, distilleries, and wine stores that seek to elevate sales and maximize service. Today the company has an entire suite of sales tools all in one single database. Activ8 Commerce’ commitment to developing and continually improving its sales software and service has made us a leading and well-respected partner and provider of direct sales software with a commitment to quality and customer success.

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