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    Wine Club Software

    Cloud Tasting Room POS, Club Automation, eCommerce, Loyalty,
    Marketing, Multi-Location Inventory, Gift Cards, Accounting
    Wine Club Software
    Tasting Room Software

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  • Change the way you sell with our
    Native iPad POS App
    Create orders from customizable interface
    Checkout using card on file / tips / gift cards
    Pickup list / signature / order history / swap
    Customer lookup and registration
    Pending orders – local and shared
    Mobile wholesale
    Cash drawer / inventory / transfers
    Barcode scanner
    Kitchen printer and modifiers
    Tasting Room POS
    Tasting Room POS
    Tasting Room POS
    Tasting Room POS
    Tasting Room POS
    Tasting Room POS
  • Catapult your sales to the next level with our
    Embedded iframe  Shopping Cart
    Our shopping cart is easily embedded right
    into your website
    Responsive to any screen size
    Appearance has infinite possibilities
    Text and images are controlled from your database
    Persistent page state without cookies
    Abandoned cart
    Gift cards on cart
    Template designs
    Integral part of the Active software
  • registration
    Embedded iframe  Account Tools
    Provide your customers with:
    ✓ online club signup / kiosk
    Manage order
    ✓ online account management
    ✓ multiple shipping address management
    Manage Order List
    ✓ online order history
    Manage order
    ✓ online order management
  • Club Facebook Signup
    Tools for Facebook
    Provide your customers with:
    ✓ club signup
    ✓ login
    ✓ account management
    ✓ order history and review
    ✓ member choice / allocation
    Club Facebook Login
    Club Facebook Account
    Club Facebook Login
    Club Facebook Credit Card
    Club Facebook Login
    EVEN shopping!
  • Automated Wine Club Processing
    Optimize efficiency with
    Automated Club Processing
    Our virtual robot works for you 24/7 to process orders,
    handle payments, and manage your memberships.
    Our club Wizard is a must-see


    ✓ package clubs
    ✓ member choice / futures / allocation clubs
    ✓ placeholder clubs
  • E-mail Tracking and Analytics

    Email Tracking

    ✓ dive into the details of all the outbound messages
    delivered, opened, clicked, and failed
    ✓ up-to-the-minute updates in real-time built into the software
    ✓ tracks complaints, unsubscribes, and critical bounce
    processing information
    ✓ tracks revenue generation resulting from e-mail marketing campaigns

    ✓ schedule e-mail campaigns<
    ✓ search based delivery
  • Promote consumer loyalty with valuable
    Marketing &
    Customer Relationship
    Our club management software includes vital tools
    such as automated e-mail, financial statistics,
    membership reporting, source tracking, and more
    Easy e-mail from customizable templates
    – including database fields
    Beautiful customizable receipts- e-mail or print
    Fully automated:

    • member birthday cards
    • membership anniversary cards
    • spouse birthday cards
    • wedding anniversary cards

    • address validation
    • membership statistics snapshots
    • employee club signup incentive system
    • expiration, suspension, and restart dates

    • packages delivered e-mail
    • shipping problem notifications
    • member proximity determination
    • more…

  • Keep your finger
    on the Pulse

    Over 60 different charts

    Dashboard on iPhone

    Dashboard on iPhone

    Dashboard on iPhone

    Dashboard on iPhone

    Dashboard on iPhone

    Dashboard on iPhone

  • eCommerce software for wine sales with shipping fedex ups gso integration payment gateway integration first data vantiv worldpay intuit quickbooks accounting integration
    Increase productivity with seamless integration
    of the most popular services and software for
    Shipping, Fulfillment, Weather,
    Payments, Accounting,
    Compliance, and Marketing
    Our software integrates with partners such as Quickbooks Accounting,
    FedEx, UPS, GSO, ShipCompliant, OpenEdge, EVO Payments,
    SocketLabs, Constant Contact, Vertical Response and many more.
    Our software prints FedEx, GSO, and UPS shipping labels
    Our software includes a 7 day weather report on all shipments
  • Intuit QuickBooks Accounting Interface

    • Customer
    • Customer Grouping
    • Vendor

    • Item Inventory
    • Item Inventory Grouping
    • Item Non-Inventory
    • Item Assembly
    • Item Other Charges
    • Item Sales Tax

    • Accounts Receivable
    • Payments
    • Sales Orders
    • COGS
    • Unearned Revenue

    Interoperation with:

    QuickBooks Interface

  • Unparalleled search
    and data mining capabilities
    “Live”  Data Reporting
    Here is an example:
    “Find the club members that have purchased
    in the tasting room in the last 60 days”
    Tasting Room POS
    Tasting Room POS

    View in numerous report layouts
    Create and modify views
    Live multi-column sorting

    Quick searches
    Saved searches
    Make a complex search – you have the power

  • Automated E-mail Reports

    • daily All Sales financials
    • daily Cart financials
    • daily POS financials by location
    • daily Shipping Exception report

    • monthly Accountant’s Report
    • monthly All Sales financials
    • monthly Credit Card Recovery report
    • monthly Club financials
    • monthly Cart financials
    • monthly Employee Incentive report
    • monthly Financial Dashboard report
    • monthly Order Summary by tax region
    • monthly POS financials

    • quarterly Accountant’s Report
    • yearly Accountant’s Report

  • Automated Processing

    • analyse delivered packages
    • automatic e-mail reminders
    • club statistics snapshots
    • club financial snapshots

    • compliance data transfer
    • credit card token account updater
    • database backup
    • employee incentives

    • membership expirations
    • membership restarts
    • membership suspensions
    • nightly tracking data collection from FedEx, GSO and UPS
    • scheduled collection of tracking numbers from ShipCompliant
    • weather collection and update of sales Not Shipped

    Shipping Alert
  • Multi-Location Inventory Management
    stock by location
    unlimited number of locations, virtual locations, GPS coordinates
    on-hand, allocated, available, defective, and returned
    Full function on iPad
    Inventory Location
    Inventory Location
    Inventory Location
    Inventory Location


    • daily movement detail

    inventory transactions

    • daily movement detail


    • daily stock levels
    • value by location
    • value summary
    • movement detail
    • summary movement by type

    inventory stock

    • daily levels
    • daily movement history

    automated reporting

    • email alerts
    • daily reports
    • monthly reports
    • quarterly reports
    • yearly reports
    • and more…

  • Easy to use, automatic, and integral convenience
    Tracking Database Changes
    Tracking database changes can be a lifesaver
    Our software tracks all changes to data

    • insert
    • update
    • delete

    Detail is at the field level

    • action
    • person
    • date and time
    • product version

    Make sure your next software solution includes this feature
    Shipping Alert

Cloud Tasting Room POS/iPad POS, Club Automation, eCommerce, Loyalty,
Marketing, Multi-Location Inventory, Gift Cards, Accounting


all in one single system

Elevate Service…Maximize Sales


Efficiently manage and grow your direct-to-consumer sales with Activ8’s powerful, all-in-one solution


Activ8’s Mobile Tasting Room POS, Club Automation Software and eCommerce Solution all share one common database. Each of these tool sets speak live to your unique and independent master database so they are always current and in sync with your customer and inventory data. With all systems sharing the same data, efficiencies improve, staff sells more and customer service is elevated across your entire operation.

Eliminate the hassle of running multiple systems. We’re integrated with many shipping & fulfillment, payment, retail, accounting and marketing services. You’ll have peace of mind knowing that our software features are based specifically on our customers’ need for them.

Activ8’s easy iPad POS is designed for busy winery tasting rooms, craft beverage businesses, and retail locations. It includes powerful club features, inventory management, alcohol shipping, tips functionality and kitchen/fulfillment printing built right in. It communicates live with your unique master database so it is always current with customer and inventory data.

Activ8’s club automation system will save you hours of time by automating many of the time-consuming tasks. Batch creation of each individual club transaction. Batch processing payments. Emails communication and receipts automatically. Our flexible system allows you to run Standard Package, Member Choice/Allocation and Placeholder Clubs.

Activ8’s eCommerce solution inserts right into your current website so there is no re-direct when customers are shopping. The pages have an open style sheet so web designers have full control of the look and feel to carry your brand image through every page. Features include catalog, shopping cart, member choice, club signups and a member portal allowing customers to control their own profile. The solution is connected live to your unique master database so there is never a difference in customer data and inventory data.

POS Club eCommerce CRM

Activ8’s POS video – 1 minute 30 seconds

Activ8’s digital marketing video – 2 minutes


Activ8’s modern email campaign revenue analysis – 13 minutes

Activ8’s modern shopping cart feature video – 7 minutes


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