Welcome to Activ8 – Database Setup


Database Implementation Roadmap

Inventory Data Import Review

Implementation Form

Fixed S&H Rates Data Import Review

Customer Data Import Review


POS Training


Introducing Activ8 POS

POS New Orders and Checkout

POS Pending Orders Explained

POS Refunds

POS Pickup List

POS Add/Update Inventory

POS Wholesale

POS Gift Cards on POS

POS Using the User's Guide

POS Cash Drawers Explained

POS Putting Packages on the POS

POS Swaps

POS Time Clock

POS Schedules

POS Display Inventory on POS

POS Loyalty Points / Cards on POS

POS Installation

POS Making POS GPS Aware

POS Open Tip Orders

POS Partial and Split Payments

POS Customers on POS

POS Food Modifiers on the POS

POS Inventory Transfers on POS


Cloud Training




Sales Tool RFMP

Sending Text

Create Email Template

Image Library


Manager Training


System Basics - Database

Lesson 2 - The Merchant List

Lesson 8 - Inventory

Understanding Data - Part 1

Lesson 3 - Adding a Customer

Sending Text

Lesson 1 - Menu and Tools

Lesson 4 - Finding Database Records


Club Processing


Club Wizard
-- Club Package

Club Wizard
-- Member Choice / Allocation

Club Wizard
-- Placeholder Member Choice / Allocation


Loyalty Points and Gift Cards


Loyalty Points & Cards

Gift Cards


QuickBooks Interface


QuickBooks Interface Setup

QuickBooks Inventory Grouping

QuickBooks Sales and Other Taxes

QuickBooks Unearned Revenue


Mobile Dashboards


Dashboards Demonstration


Learn about Web Tools Application Scenarios


Design Templates

Club Signup - Account Management

Member Choice / Allocation / Futures

Online Shopping - Guest & Member

Web Tools - Page Persistence

Web Tools - Password Retrieval and Reset

Online Shopping - Using Gift Cards

Web Tools - Email Newsletter

Web Tools - Club Signup Secrets

Web Tools - Email Unsubscribe

Digital Marketing on Mobile


Learn about Web Tools Application Implementation


WordPress DIY Example

Example WordPress Site using Activ8 Plugin

Squarespace DIY Example

Facebook DIY Example


Wholesale Invoicing and Inventory Management


Inventory Management

Using Wholesale Invoicing in Manager


E-mail Creation and Tracking


Email Tracking

Using Activ8 HTML Editor

Marketing Tools - Revenue Analysis

Marketing Tools - Email Automation

Email Compose & Send

Marketing Tools - Email Unsubscribe

Digital Marketing on Mobile

Using Activ8 HTML Templates

Marketing Tools - Email Analysis

Marketing Tools - Email Newsletter


E-mail Creation and Tracking using External Tools


Using Constant Contact

Using Vertical Response

Using MailChimp

Using SocketLabs


Email/Print HTML Report Writer and Templates


Using Activ8 HTML Report Templates Part 1

Using Activ8 HTML Report Templates Part 2


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