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Learn what makes activ8 stand out in the crowd

so you can elevate service…maximize sales


Activ8's unique platform

Browser based systems are pretty & trendy due to html coded user interfaces but

Browser Based

Active's unique hybrid system provides


painfully slow and hogs up internet bandwidth when you need speed to get your jobs done

Active's Hybrid


speed – its search engine will display hundreds to thousands of records in a second or two

restricted search

provides only limited, pre-canned searches often leaving you stuck without answers

extremely restricted in the number of data fields they can store and therefore search on

extensive search

extensive searching since the background database is relational with 18,000 + data fields across various tables

limited reporting

unlimited reporting

customizable rules, club, searches, result views and more supporting each winery’s unique operational structure


not secure due to browser tracking and cookies they put on your computer and much more...

truly secure

complete security and is cookieless so you can work with confidence

requires browser tabs

frequently crash due to browser cache limitations
often when you don’t have time for this

MDI and browser

internal browser based integrations with various partners so you can stay in one system instead of unrelated tabs

3rd party apps

3rd party apps

Single Database

One single database for all software features, functions and sales channels

retail POS

off-site sales

email analysis

inventory management

no need to sync multiple databases


one private

no need for multiple browser screens and apps

club automation

3rd party integrations
live and up to the second updates – no need latency

one app does it all...

so you can elevate service…maximize sales

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