Club & Database Software

Be a power club manager with the most powerful and customizable club software in the specialty crafted beverage industry.


We at Activ8 Commerce have developed the ultimate customizable club software. Our robot works for you 7/24! It is able to complete tasks in seconds that would take the average person hours to complete.

Some of our club software features:

  • extensive Customer data features
  • gift and prepaid membership features
  • membership in multiple clubs
  • club automation wizard – customizable steps
  • address validation, email address validation, proximity calculation
  • calculates package weights, custom discounts, handling fees, shipping fees, origin and destination taxes instantly
  • fully integrated shipping, real-time rates, label printing and tracking
  • the latest and smartest in member choice / allocation systems allows wine club members to select their own wines for shipment
  • placeholder clubs – reusable abstracts can greatly simplify a club program
  • automated assistant for declined credit card and revenue recovery
  • easy personalized Customer emails sent from where your working
  • customizable club software handles company specific exceptions
  • employee incentive system
  • automated anniversary (2) and birthdate emails (2)
  • automated weather
  • automated club management tools
  • unparalleled search provides an astonishing set of query tools – like,… show: members with a non-payment history
  • database change tracking and job queue with log

Powerful Web Tools


Giving your club members access to their information online and through mobile interfaces allows you to easily build your winery into your members lives.

  • member sign up
  • member account management
  • Member choice / allocations / futures
  • integrated into your website seamlessly
  • integrated into your facebook page





Club Wizard - Club Package - VIDEO DEMO


Club Wizard - Member Choice / Allocation - VIDEO DEMO


Club Wizard - Placeholder Member Choice / Allocation VIDEO DEMO


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