Phone, Tablet, Desktop Designed ECOMMERCE PLATFORMS


Ecommerce is an essential arm of any DTC sales program.  Solutions run the gamut from simple yet personalized to extremely complex and highly customized.  Activ8 offers the best of both worlds because what works for your neighbor may not be right for you.

Activ8 offers an easy, personalized hosted solution as well as fully customizable self-hosted solution.  Both solutions are tied directly to your existing, single Activ8 database, eliminating redundancy and providing:

  • Elevated efficiency
  • Elevated insight to your total DTC sales performance.
Both solutions offer the following features:
  • Digital store and secure, single page checkout
  • Shopper login and profile self-management
  • Club registration or signups
  • Member choice or allocation club selection pages
  • Newsletter subscription
  • Unsubscribe
  • Forgot Password assistance



Many of the strongest eCommerce solutions on the market re-direct your shoppers away from your website to shopping, club and profile web pages hosted on the solution provider’s website.  These are called “Hosted” solutions.

A hosted solution is best if you want shorter launch times, simple designs and are not worried about granular customization. You find the solution that speeds your customers through the checkout process, and you launch your store.  Activ8 offers all the features listed above in our hosted solution format.

Choose from the design templates listed below. You’ll provide us with your logo or header image, and we will set it up quickly.  Once we have the pages setup on our server, we will setup the web configuration in your Activ8 database and supply the re-direct links to your web manager.  We will also teach you how to personalize several other items on each page.

On the other hand, many businesses spend tens of thousands of dollars on their brand image and they want to carry that brand image, in granular detail, through the catalog, shopping cart, club registration and member portal to provide a seamless user experience.  Rather than the shopping cart being hosted on our server, or other server, we add to your website our innovative ‘cookieless’ iframes (creating our pages within your pages – embedded).

Activ8’s advanced eCommerce offers iFrame plugins for WordPress sites or full HTML coding for businesses using SquareSpace, WIX, Weebly, Shopify and other content management systems (CMS). This allows you to contract with our in-house web design team to modify the CSS and carry fonts, colors, imagery, animation and more throughout the pages your customers will use to interact with your Activ8 database.

Your branded web site is then connected directly to your customer records, inventory records, product images and sales transactions for a flawless experience for both you and your customers.

The key to the solution that is right for you is to determine the weight of branding, speed of launch and your budget. Let your customers enjoy a full, state of the art online shopping experience and catapult your wine sales to the next level.

Activ8’s eCommerce toolkit can breathe life into your existing website and is a direct extension of your Activ8 Commerce’  POS , and Club Software. It is one, end-to-end solution




Both solutions offer a catalog and shopping cart.  But they also offer so much more.

  • Basic catalog is laid out in a grid for easy viewing
  • Product details are visible with a single click on a product image
  • Add to Cart buttons are on both views to ease and speed up the shopping experience
  • Shoppers will enjoy a refreshing and easy shopping experience with single page checkout
  • Single page checkout will also reduce abandoned carts and increase your sales
  • Customers can benefit from our abandoned cart feature
  • Activ8 offers URL parameters for marketing campaigns to specify catalog entry points
  • Activ8 gift cards, which include a security code, can be used on the shopping cart.
  • Multiple brands and shopping carts within one database are supported
  • Our templates are designed for phone, tablet and desktop devices.
  • All online orders and updated customer data automatically flow into Activ8 – Manager for customer record creation, payment card, order, and shipment processing, keeping all your sales in one single system.
  • Activ8 gift cards, which include a security code, can be used on the shopping cart.


  • Below are various Activ8 design templates showing what your online store might look like and how it would function.
  • The examples shown here are running in WordPress which provides our web design team full flexibility and a universe of themes and plugins.
  • Environments like Facebook, SquareSpace, and WIX, to varying degrees, have many limitations to what can be accomplished.
  • Activ8 specializes in customizing the design templates to suit your particular needs.
  • Activ8 specializes in a service to move existing Coldfusion, SquareSpace, and WIX web sites to WordPress… at an affordable price – without a redesign – a transfer.

Try all these designs on a phone, tablet in both orientations, and desktop





Elk Grove


Finger Lakes




Paso Robles



Urban Mist


Walla Walla


View Winery Ecommerce Pricing.


Club Signup and Account Management


Giving your customers access to their information online and through mobile interfaces allows them to easily view their purchase history, track orders, and update their information. These customer interfaces are vital for revenue recovery and customer visibility.

  • The software includes club signup, member choice / allocation, and account management.
  • Customer sign up and login web pages that are integrated into your website to appear seamlessly with your site design.
  • Tablet and mobile ready customer login and shopping pages.
  • Make club signup a breeze with our tablet signup kiosk.
  • Below are links to these various components.
Club Signup Manage Account Member Choice / Allocation Wholesale
Facebook pages are supported.

Activ8 Facebook Page showing Web Tools

Combine the iframes


The iframes can be combined on one page to create an elegant user experience. Create pages on your web site for members to manage their account, view and track orders (even tasting room purchases), member choice club selection, and even shop at the same time.

  • Below are links to the combinations of iframes the Activ8 Web Tools supports.
Manage Account & Member Choice / Allocation Combined Online Store & Manage Account Combined Manage Account & Online Store Combined



Learn about the Application Scenarios


Club Signup - Account Management

Member Choice / Allocation / Futures

Digital Marketing on Mobile

Online Shopping - Guest & Member

Page Persistence

Online Shopping - Gift Cards

Design Templates


Activ8 club solutions signup kiosk registration account management ipad tablet







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